FX Audio Tube-01 Review – Why use a tube buffer?

A tube buffer is a small device that takes the signal from your DAC and adjusts the signal as to match your connected device. This signal matching works with the resistance of your audio cables and what your receiver/amplifier expects as a signal. By doing this, your receiver/amplifier receivers the perfect signal voltage from the … Read more

Kenwood KR V126R – An 80s beast!

Kenwood KR-126R on eBay I had previously brought up the beast that I use to power my Yamaha NSA637s with. Well Today, it’s time to introduce you to Kenwoods top of the line receivers back from 1987-1989. The includes the Kenwood KR V86r, KR V106R, KR V126R, and the most powerful one, the Kenwood KR … Read more

Vintage Realistic Minimus 26 Speakers – A Miniature Gem

Realistic isn’t the brand you usually hear about when high fidelity comes to mind. Radioshack’s Realistic brand however is an underrated vintage audio brand that succeeded nonetheless. In this article, I’m going to being going over these tiny but very good sounding speakers (The Realistic Minimus 26s). Where I came across these mini gems. I’d … Read more

Yamaha NS-A637 Speakers – The Speakers I Grew Up With

The Yamaha NS A63x series of speakers have gotten a lot of love and hate. There is a lot of misunderstanding about these speakers. For example, people seam to confuse them for bookshelf speakers. They aren’t bookshelf speakers. Bookshelf speakers are designed to be listened to at a close distance. This series of Yamaha speakers, … Read more