JBL 2500 Speakers – Tiny Size, Big Sound.

JBL 2500s on eBay A few weeks ago, I came across a set of speakers at the local Goodwill that caught my attention immediately. Down on the bottom shelf sat a set of small, but very nice looking speakers. I immediately saw that vintage JBL logo and dove straight for that shelf. I noticed how … Read more

The Pioneer SA 1270 Stereo Amplifier – Reliable Power.

Click To Find One On eBay The time has finally come to write a review on the most reliable pieces of audio gear I have yet to own. Introducing, Ol’ Reliable, my Pioneer SA 1270 integrated stereo amplifier. This amplifier is an integrated amplifier built by Pioneer right at the beginning of the 80s digital … Read more

iPad Pro 2021 Speakers – Why They’re Great

Click to view this iPad on Amazon This is will be an interesting audio product to review. Who would’ve thought a tablet would end up on a site about sound quality? Well, to answer that question, it must be one with impressive sound. That is the word that I can use to describe the speaker … Read more

JBL Tune 510BT – Reviewed By An Audiophile.

Alright now, this will be an interesting review. As you might not know, my last review was on a set of speakers by JBL from back in the late 90s. I was taken back by the sound. This made me wonder: Just how good is JBL doing in the modern world? Some Made It, Some … Read more

Two Way Speaker Crossover – Why Use A Dedicated Network?

In this article, I’m going to explain to you why a set of two-way speakers should have a dedicated crossover network. You might be wondering, what exactly is a crossover network. Well, it is simply a board with capacitors, resistors, and coils that limit the frequencies going to specific drivers. They are very popular with … Read more

The Definition Of Good Sound – What Is Good Sound?

Just what exactly is good sound, you might be asking yourself? Well, I hate to break it to you, but there really is no simple answer. As, good sound quality is a very vast thing that literally can vary drastically. In other words, you can hear two entirely different sounding HiFi setups that sound amazing. … Read more