Aiwa Prodigy 1 In-Ear Headphones – An Audiophile Bargain

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 Yet another amazing sounding product from Aiwa. For those who are new to Aiwa, Aiwa is a brand that has had a long history. Long story short, they got bought out by Sony to be killed off. Fast forward to 2015, a guy by the name of Joe Born had brought back as a blast from the past (no pun intended). Aiwa once again makes the best sounding products for the audiophile on a budget (Take that Sony!). The Aiwa Prodigy 1s are a perfect example of their work.

The Aiwa Prodigy 1's

Basic Packaging, No Marketing budget = Maximum Quality Budget.

Let me start off with the packaging. Aiwa had stated that the Prodigy 1s ship in very basic packaging. They’ve stated that this basic packaging aids in keeping the price down ensuring that there is more of a budget left over for sound quality. Not only this, Aiwa has also stated that they do not have an advertising budget on any of their products including the Prodigy 1s. Most manufacturers spend their budget on advertising their products than on the actual quality of them. Aiwa is not one of those manufacturers. Therefore, the Aiwa Prodigy 1s have the sound of a set of in-ear headphones the cost more than twice as much.

What’s In The Package:

The leather carrying case for the Prodigy 1s

The Prodigy 1s come with set of 4 extra silicon ear tips in a variety of sizes to ensure a proper fit. If you find the silicon ear tips don’t fit, shoot Aiwa an email. They will send you a set of foam tips in a variety of sizes completely on them. The Prodigy 1s also come with a very nice premium leather carrying case. The lid on the carrying case snaps shut with a reasonably strong magnet. On the case, there is the iconic Aiwa logo on the front in red. You also get a quick-start guide for the Prodigy 1s. This is a lot of extras for a set of in-ear headphones that cost only $40.

The Aiwa Labs 1 year refund policy:

Not only does the packaging of the Prodigy 1s basic, it also serves as a return envelope. All Aiwa Labs products come standard with a 1-year full refund policy, no questions asked. You could literally buy a set and listen to them 363 days and return them for a full refund. Not only this, Aiwa encourages you to send in a broken pair up to 3 years after purchase in their pursuit to create the most durably set of in-ear headphones. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that stands behind their audio products like Aiwa.

The Design and Build Quality:

The Prodigy 1s with no ear tips.

Aiwa basically started with an 8.6mm dynamic driver to handle the low end and mid range. Aiwa then added a balanced armature driver into the mix to help aid in the production of the upper mid range and treble frequencies. Aiwa stated that this balanced armature can move “as fast as the piston in a F1 engine”. All of this tech is housed in a well-built set of in-ear headphones. Starting with the cord, it is a flat-styled cord that does not get tangled as easily as a rounded cord. The plug is gold-plated and feels relatively sturdy. Overall, the Prodigy 1s feel very well-built. Again, the Prodigy 1s are built like they would cost way more than $40. I’ve owned my set for almost a year and have had no issues with them.

The plug of the Prodigy 1s.

How do they sound?

The Prodigy 1s have a very warm sound to them. I was very surprised to hear such warm sound out of a set of in-ear headphones. The low end is very present without being muddy at all. Instead, the low end is very punchy and well-balanced. I found the lower mid-range to be a little forward while around 1kHz sounds a little laid back. The upper mid-range is where the Prodigy 1s shocked me at. It sounds very transient and clear. This transient sound continues into the high end. The Prodigy 1s have a lot of treble. This treble did sound a bit harsh fresh out of the package. A little break in tamed the treble quite a bit. Now the Prodigy 1s have some of the smoothest treble I’ve heard out of a set of headphones. Aiwa did so good with the sound signature that the Prodigy 1s will sound really good with no EQ or headphone amplifier. Just be sure however to listen them with a lossless source as they well bring out the flaws in compressed music. In the end, the Prodigy 1s will not disappoint even an audiophile like me with their sound. Not even if they sold for twice their price tag.

High fidelity sound on a budget:

In the end, the Aiwa Prodigy 1s are living proof that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a taste of good sound. As an audiophile, I give the Prodigy 1s a 10/10 star rating. For $40, you get to experience high fidelity sound. That’s not much more than a terrible sounding pair of Apple EarPods. Just be warned, once you listen to the Aiwa Prodigy 1s, your standard for sound quality is going to rise whether you’re an audiophile or not. As always, please feel free to comment down below. I will answer any questions regarding the Prodigy 1s.

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13 thoughts on “Aiwa Prodigy 1 In-Ear Headphones – An Audiophile Bargain”

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  2. Thanks for sharing this great post on the Aiwa headphones, for about 5/months ago now I have been looking for where to get this type of headphones because I have read some good reviews about them but I couldn’t get it, some seeing it right here now just makes me happy, I wanna ask how long does the delivery process take to deliver??thanks 

    • If you’re in the US, Amazon should get them to you within a week with standard shipping. If you have Amazon Prime, you should get them in just two days. You could also opt for 2 day shipping without Prime but Prime gives you so much for the money.

  3. I think Aiwa is doing a real good job and maintaining the quality of their items. Im planning on getting these in-ear head phones and I’m really impressed by what I have seen in this review the packaging is just perfect and its not so hard to tell that the head phones are worth the 40 bucks being charged. Hopefully I won’t find the shipping costs to my country going twice the price of the headphones.

  4. I like this he’s phone, compared to many other earpiece, it has on it the offer of its extra silicon ear tips to be changed if you don’t feel comfortable with the fitness of your ear. Also, the product’s features and specifications are really nice and amazing, the price is also very affordable compared to some products that offer less for a higher price. Its very thoughtful of you to share this.

  5. Having a high taste in music comes with the problem of wanting the best gadgets to use in listening to it. What you have shared about the prodigy 1 earphone is great and the performance really wows me. If I can, I would live to get it right this momentum the firmness too is a plus.  Thanks

  6. Never heard of the aiwa prodigy before but it’s a good thing that you added the history of the company. I like that they could come back from the claws of Sony. This headphone looks good and to be honest it’s not a cheap one but since the quality matches, there shouldn’t be a complain in that aspect. I want to taste the quality so I will give it a buy.

  7. Thanks for this great post about the Aiwa headphones, I have used this kinda headphones before and anytime i used it i feel am in another world it really takes me out of this world , i got it misplaced and i have been looking for where to get the time but i couldn’t get am so happy i see this post right now , am ordering for it right now thanks 

  8. Music is best enjoyed when it is heard with a confirm headphone. I work most times on a laptop and it’s my own nature and work style to be fully concentrated with no distractions, so headphones are always my best company. I like the features of Aiwa prodigy 1 in-ear headphones, the sound productions as explained here will be a blow, I can’t wait to try it out. 

  9. Hi Rhett,

    I really enjoyed reading your review of the Aiwa in ear earphones. They will be perfect for me for listening to music at home and I am going to add them to my Christmas list. When I’m out and about I usually listen to music on my iPhone – do you have any recommendations for Bluetooth headphones as there is no head phone socket. Thanks in advance, Andrew

    • Aiwa had just released a set of Bluetooth in-ear headphones. I haven’t tried them yet but based on my experience with Aiwa’s products and the reviews, I would check out the Aiwa Prodigy Air. For over the ear style, Aiwa also has the Arc-1 Bluetooth headphones that a very well praised for their sound.

  10. Being a lover of great music, I always look for means of getting the very best out of music by using the best hheadpgones. This that you have shared here is great and I would love to make use of it too. The pricing seems very okay too and well worthy. Thanks so much and I’d like to checkout more on it

  11. Wow, good to see that aiwa has quite a history and I like the fact that they could come back to make themselves some really good product. I just say that the design is very cool and the fact that it is durable makes it even better. I feel the need to get one of these for myself as I am a lover of good sound. Thanks.


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