About Me


A little background history on me:

My name is Rhett Krecic. I’m an audiophile that specializes in good sound. Some see sound as “I heard something”. I see sound as “I heard a SPECIFIC thing”.

Do to the fact that you’re here, I’m guessing you are the same. You see, I grew up listening to my Dad’s Yamaha HiFi setup. The setup consisted of a set of Yamaha NS-A637 speakers, a Yamaha R-V702 AV Receiver, and a CDC-502 5 disc CD changer. This system had a full, warm, and detailed sound. I blame this system for my addiction to good sound. I still have all three components. But unfortunately, the receiver will not fire up. I hope to someday get it fixed. But the speakers and the CD changer still very well work great.

My Yamaha NS A637 Speakers

The purpose of High Fidelity Sound Haven:

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed something changing in the way we think of sound and music. It seems that as the years go on, people care less about how something sounds. They, instead care more about how easy it is to listen to their content.

This includes music, which, I consider something that should deserve the best efforts in audio reproduction. This is where High Fidelity Sound Haven comes into play.

On Sound Haven, I’m going to document every piece of gear, set up, or even method, of allowing you as the listener to actually experience your music. As a music enthusiast and audiophile, I can tell you that good sound quality is priceless when it comes to the experience. I wouldn’t be maintaining, collecting, listening to, and reviewing the gear that I find if this wasn’t the case.

It’s my addiction. It’s a healthy one at that. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like actually experiencing your music. As when you experience your music, you didn’t just hear a song. You actually remember it in a way that it leaves a dent in your memory.

So, sit back, relax, and happy listening. – Rhett Krecic