About Me

My name is Rhett. I’m an audiophile that specializes in good sound. As you may know, sound quality has fallen over the years. People started caring more about how convenient it is to listen to music instead of how good it sounds. I’m not one of those people.

Do to the fact that you’re here, I’m guessing you are the same. You see, I grew up listening to my Dad’s Yamaha HiFi setup. The setup consisted of a set of Yamaha NS-A637 speakers, a Yamaha R-V702 AV Receiver, and a CDC-502 5 disc CD changer. This system had a full, warm, and detailed sound. I blame this system for my addiction to good sound. I still have all three components. But unfortunately, the receiver will not fire up. I hope to someday get it fixed. But the speakers and the CD changer still very well work great.

My Yamaha NS A637 Speakers

On High Fidelity Sound Haven, I will be going over both new/vintage gear and everything in between. Whether this be speakers, stereo receivers, amplifiers, pre-amps, or even car audio, I will always be on the hunt for good sound. I will always be experimenting. My findings will be written about. I’m always on the hunt. There’s nothing like a really good system that can truly bring the emotion out of your music. To hear it as it was intended to be heard. Once you listen to just how good music can sound, you’ll never be the same. That’s what happened to me during my childhood.